Wednesday, May 21, 2014

.: Ilmfest 2014 :.

The culmination of knowledge. 

Alhamdulillah, despite missing the first day due to work engagements, I had a brilliant time at the conference on the second day. The speakers were amazing, the experience was phenomenal, and the fact that family and friends from other parts of the world flew over just to attend it, was mind-boggling. So much to digest, and so much more to implement, there are just not enough words to describe. Love the camaraderie and may Allah S.W.T reward those in realising the conference into a tremendous success. Allahumma ameen, thumma ameen. 

Among the GEMS taken away from the conference (paraphrased): 
  1. Many times when we hear about something, we think it refers to other people. However, sometimes we have to take it personally. Take it personally and reflect on yourself. 
  2. It is alright to want to look nice, to want things, etc but do not let it consume you. 
  3. Wake up with this in mind: "The weight of this ummah is on my shoulders. Be the change for this ummah."
  4. Real change, actual tangible change, that change is going to come from you, and it has to come from you, even from a micro-level. Don't think someone will do it for you. 
  5. A lot of people say they are grateful, but it is just a statement unless it is attached to the heart. Constantly check the status of your heart.
  6. Don't dwell on your sin. Make repentance and move on. Add more good deeds. 
  7. You have been working on yourself, but don't forget the people around you. 
  8. Don't let people think or convince you that you are insignificant. 
  9. It is not about how much knowledge we have, but it is about how we use the knowledge.
  10. Be extra careful from becoming a ritualistic Muslim. 
  11. Relationship is like a tree. If the roots are strong, all is strong. To be able to stay together for years, is something to be treasured, cherished and respected.
  12. We are different, but we have to come together and cover each other's back. Cooperate. 
  13. Da'wah is to upgrade the standard of living for people. 
  14. Positivity: That's what we need to be the change.
  15. Be careful that when you speak, it doesn't hurt people.
  16. Love is not dormant, it is an action based verb.
  17. Complaining about Allah S.W.T vs Complaining to Allah S.W.T. Know the difference.
  18. Keep the focus clear, not the ego. 
  19. If you are right, the truth will come out. If you did wrong, seek forgiveness. Focus on the relationship. Trust.
  20. The prayer is a comfort, a shelter, a refuge. It protects us from shamelessness and doing evil.
  21. We fight among ourselves that we forget the real enemy; the devil and our desires.
  22. A catastrophe is a catastrophe if you allow it to realise its' cause.
  23. Your projects will only go far as your own ability will allow. 
  24. Create value before asking from others. 
  25. Touch hearts before asking for hands. 
Obviously there were many more GEMS, but these are the few that I managed to compile. Look forward to attending the next event, the National Achievers Congress 2014, and Divine Speech. 

Knowledge acquisition, from the cradle to the grave.
11.11am, Malaysian Time

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

.: Clustered ornaments :.

The closure. 

Traveling, can sometimes open up the mind, heart and soul to all sorts of things. Things we never thought of, and things that we never knew we had it in us all this while. Thus one gets to gather numerous experiences, invoke past memories, harness innate feelings, as well as establish new relationships. 

And yet, even with the exhilaration and amazement of this new-found hidden part of ourselves, it can also lead to the reality that such things would perhaps be better left unknown, undiscovered, and undisclosed. 

Tearing up. 
2.17pm, Malaysian Time

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

.: 哀しいキセキ :.

Encased memories. 

 “Allah gives us gifts, but then we come to love them as we should only love Him. We take those gifts and inject them into our hearts, until they take over. Soon we cannot live without them. Every waking moment is spent in contemplation of them, in submission and worship to them. The mind and the heart that was created by Allah, for Allah, becomes the property of someone or something else. And then the fear comes. The fear of loss begins to cripple us. The gift—that should have remained in our hands—takes over our heart, so the fear of losing it consumes us. Soon, what was once a gift becomes a weapon of torture and a prison of our own making. How can we be freed of this? 
At times, in His infinite mercy, Allah frees us…by taking it away. As a result of it being taken, we turn to Allah wholeheartedly. In that desperation and need, we ask, we beg, we pray. Through the loss, we reach a level of sincerity and humility and dependence on Him which we would otherwise not reach—had it not been taken from us. Through the loss, our hearts turn entirely to face Him.” 
 Yasmin Mogahed, Reclaim Your Heart 

As the sky cracks to open into another world. 
12.25 noon, Malaysian Time

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

.: Visionary spectrum :.

The heart clings to something ... 

Sitting in bed. Thinking all sorts. Just what is the next phase in life? The path that ought to be trod upon? Drifting aimlessly in this transitional life, letting it slide a breath at a time. Opportunities at bay. To pursue in knowledge enrichment, chasing after the sustenance to this very soul or to choose to remain in this static stance?

That does not belong to thee.

8.41am, Malaysian Time

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

.: 感恩是幸福的源 :.

Gratitude is the source of happiness. 

While I was in the LRT, I found myself with this question in mind;

Just what are people grateful for?

We often hear people saying they are grateful for their family, their friends, their career, education, wealth, and health, but I was not looking for the standard definition. More of, I was heading for the less than ordinary outlook of what it means to be grateful.

And I found myself at Petaling Street.

Walking along the dark alleys of Petaling Street, I came to the realisation that gratefulness can also be found in observing others, and I honestly feel blessed to come across the homeless. 

Through them, I discovered that gratitude doesn't necessarily have to come from something, or someone we are familiar with. 

Because honestly, it is easier to be grateful for something that we work for. It is fairly easier as well to be grateful for the people we have around us, particularly the ones who have been supporting us.

But for these people, they have no one, and they have nothing much. 

Or so I thought.

Despite their difficulties, the homeless are still able to impart lessons to appreciate the little that they have, the people they have taken for granted, and the random people that appear in their lives. 

Every single moment is cherished, and for them, they are never alone. It would not be far fetched for me to say that in reality, I believe they have so much more to offer. 

Because to them, everything, and everyone, matters.

12.19noon, Malaysian Time