Wednesday, January 30, 2008

.: Fragments of yesteryears :.

Expansions beyond expansions.

Things have certainly changed a lot ever since the last time I came here. Formerly, the 'Jamarats' were of circular form and I could only recollect it being no more than 2 levels; that is the ground floor and 1st floor. Furthermore the current "Jamarats" are colossal and they are in the midst of constructing a 3rd and 4th floor! Doesn't it bewilder you that such a spectacle is doable? Then again, we have numerous man-made wonders that are able to withstand the forces of mother nature. For no particular reason, the documentary 'Megastructures' comes into mind. This seems to be peculiar in the sense that I have never ever watched the programme yet I'm able to remember it from the ad. *The power of advertisements... by all means, do not succumb to it.*

Moving on, these are the photos for the 'Saie' area extensions. Fortunately, I managed to enter the area twice before it was blocked. *Thank you!* There weren't many pilgrims there. Perhaps they didn't know that we are allowed to enter the mosque by going through that area. In any case, the construction is spectacular. It's not like the area is adorned by exquisite furnishings or are there any elaborate embellishments. Frankly speaking, I myself can't comprehend the way to justify it.

At the end of the day, the implication I'm trying to put across here is that at some point in life, each and everyone of us shall undergo change. Either by our own free will or for the sake of others. Be it a change for the good or for the worse. Without a doubt, the choice lies within our very own hands. The question here is... will we?


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