Saturday, January 2, 2010

.: اسم :.

What is in a name?

I mentioned that my Arabic [Egyptian] teacher mentioned to the class that my name is an old Egyptian name.

Hence it got me pondering a bit. My name was given to me by my siblings. Big brother simply loved the story of Siti Hajar [Hagar] and Ismail [Ishmael] Alaihi wa Salam. Sis followed along with him. Besides, how cool is it to be able to name your sibling? I didn’t get that chance and the family never expected me to make a last minute entry into the family tree either.

  • When you name someone, do you have a certain criteria that you have/want to fulfill?
  • Is it based on the meaning?
  • Is it based on the origins of the name; the history behind it?
  • What does your name mean and how symbolic is it to you?
  • Will you change it if you have a choice? And to what?

Happy 2010. ^^
1.53pm Malaysian Time
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