Monday, April 19, 2010

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Last Saturday I had the blessed opportunity to attend a lecture on Islamic burial rites held at the Al-Khaadem Foundation in Petaling Jaya. The lecture was provided by Ibu Aishah with introduction and commentaries by Sheikh Hussain Yee. Jazakallahu khairan to a dear sister for providing this information or else I would have missed the chance to acquire more knowledge.

Information about Al-Khadeem Foundation and Sheikh Hussain Yee:

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Al-Khaadeem Blog: Al-Khaadem Blog
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There was a particular statement mentioned by Sheikh Hussain Yee which intrigued me tremendously;

"For dunia we have time, for akhirah when we have time."

Literally this means we always have time to perform worldly obligations and even if we don't we will make the time, however when it comes to fulfilling our duties towards God and the hereafter, this clearly depends on our availability.

Hence we ask ourselves, how many times have we delayed our prayers for trivial reasons such as:
  • I have to finish my work otherwise I won't feel at peace.
  • I shall wait till I reach home to conduct my prayers. 
  • I can always qada' my prayers. 
 Another memorable statement from Sheikh Hussain Yee was;

"We are here today, but where are we tomorrow?"

Death, with its mysterious allure has always been a fascinating subject. Although I think about it almost everyday, I can't help but feel have I done enough deeds that can substantiate me during the Day of Judgment? Are the things that I am doing purely for the sake of Allah S.W.T? To seek His pleasure, and only His pleasure? 

A reminder to myself and everyone else :: Please do something good everyday even if it's just by giving a kind word, a salam *greeting* or smile to a random stranger. You have nothing to lose by doing that. :)

One step at a time.
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