Friday, May 16, 2008

.: Simply breathtaking :.

Rise and shine.

During my Hajj trip, I made several friends from various backgrounds. Some of them are from Saudi, Malaysia, China, India, Pakistan, Turkey, Indonesia, Egypt, Singapore and etc. Despite the language and cultural barriers, we managed to pull it off using hand gestures.

The picture of the Holy Kaabah was sent to me by my Pakistani friend yesterday night. From time to time, I'll receive photos on the latest developments there. Seems that not much has changed. Perhaps photos of the surroundings
will give me a clearer picture...

king back, mere words are not able to describe the experiences that I had. It was an eye-opener. Still am greatly speechless and amazed. All in all, going there made me realize, think and reflect on various matters, especially on my approach in life.

"If you're going to wait till you are ready, then you'll never be ready."

Words from my mum.

Taking chances and having the courage to do so... I still have got a lot to learn. In all honesty, I am a not a pious individual and I only practise the fundamentals. Kindly relay any queries on religious issues to the appropriate people as I am not proficient enough. *trust me on that*

Thanks mum. Thanks dad.

6.43am Malaysian Time

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