Thursday, October 23, 2008

.: Last vestige :.

The paragons.

You most probably have seen me running around, armed with a camera and erratically snapping your candid photos only to gleefully scurry away moments before you can even say "Halt!". *candid shots are always best*

Exiting in an untimely manner, I may not have the chance to personally thank all of you. By now, you guys would have gotten my email. For the ones that didn't, it was unintentional plus do relay my message to them. Here are the contents with minor alterations. Hereafter, kindly obtain my contact info from Sheila or Ms. Go. :)

Can't possibly mention all, so I'll list down the dept. and misc. entities that I'll be missing in no order of importance. Deep down, I can't thank you guys enough.

PMO - INSO - CIOCCD - GAO - FOBA - FOCIT - FOLA - FOEAT - FAS- AO - BNG - CAE - CITS - COPS - ACA - CCC - ELC - EXAM - FO - QAO - HRO - IGET - IMO - IO - LIB - OAR - ORD - SAH - SAO - SSD - SCU - SEC - STCM - GEC - GPO [Group President's Office] - PO [President's Office]

Not forgetting the people at ICSJ, SBN, INTImart, Dining Hall, Cafeteria, Bakery, Photoshop, Printing Shop, Sidewalk plus neighbouring establisments; Al-Salam, Times and Roswell.

Guilty of perjury. I just have to mention these people.
KK:: Taiko! When are you and Debbie having your housewarming? *hint*

Jess:: Thanks for all the advices brother. I owe you. :)

Sheila:: Lunch partner no more. Haven't tasted ur cooking in ages. *hint hint* Tell Vicky, all the best. :)

Mr. Ng:: Let's go hiking to Gunung Ansi and Bukit Melati! :)

Yun Ii:: Moi. No more dinner partner. :( Btw, I sent to you know who. :)

Eliz:: Vege food ... tau sa pia ... :(

Yean:: Gonna miss ur tong sui. *triple hints* Send my regards to Jia Hui. :)

Fam:: Son, take care. Bring your gf to see mama for tea ceremony. :P

Cherish:: When will the 3 of us go on a trip together? And tell Chew not to disable my email yet. :)

Venus:: Let's have lunch next month. :)

Kumar:: Ur lil bro got gf, go find ur own. :P u have grown. :)

Jerry:: Update me. And get a babysitter. :P

Mark your calendars, I'll be popping over come Graduation. Insya'Allah.

That's a wrap. ^^
11.05am Malaysian Time
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