Wednesday, January 4, 2012

.: Valley of the Seekers :.

Taught by Sh. Riad Ouarzazi.

The student tribe of AlMaghrib Malaysia - Qabeelat Ihsaan
is bringing this course to Malaysia.

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There was a time in primary school where I, along with fellow classmates were drilled with the 99 attributes in association to Allah. In all sincerity, I cannot dispel this gritting fact that for several years I was genuinely clueless of its significance. On the most part, I wasn't able to relate to it, let alone place any effort to put it into application in my daily life. It was only in high school that I took the initiative to grasp a better understanding of it, mostly because mum asked me to invoke one of the attributes whenever I'm feeling under the weather.

That attribute was الوكيل (Al-Wakeel - The Ultimate Trustee).

Mum :: No. You cannot go. Who will take care of you?

Me :: Al-Wakeel! He has been doing it even before I existed in this world! :D

Mum :: I'll get your dad.

Note :: Al-Wakeel’s root word is وكل, which means to appoint or entrust for the care or management of something. It also means to confide in, lean upon, submit to the One and only One who can be entrusted with the management and resolution of all affairs.

Anticipating Feb. :)

10.40pm Malaysian Time

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