Tuesday, December 27, 2011

.: Journey of faith :.

Hajj confession.

To be honest, I believe we were brought back, or given a second chance purely by the mercy of Allah. We were born in Islam, yet we didn't have Islam. We have the knowledge, we have the practical, but we do not have the spiritual awakening, we do not have wisdom, we do not have the understanding. That is what most born Muslims face. Faith cannot be inherited. It must be cultivated.

Has there ever been a day where the mist disappears even for a split second? Swathed by the wretched pitch darkness of the past, one eventually finds the pleasant momentary bliss that felt as though it could last for all eternity. Thus the once lost traveler embarks on a journey of struggles, to continue living, and holding firmly onto His rope with each passing breath, hoping that He will keep her steadfast in the deen till her very last breath. During times like these, it is so much easier to let the tears fall from the sky, and to be entirely engulfed by it.

Faith cultivation is a lifelong process.
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