Friday, May 18, 2012

.: Vanishing innocence :.

Life is a fading shadow.

“O people who take pleasure in a life that will vanish; falling in love with a fading shadow is sheer stupidity”
Ibn al-Qayyim
Less than 5 hours till I board the bus heading to Singapore to resume my studies in the "A Heart Serene" course; making this the second and final weekend where we shall delve deeper into the works of Ibn Al-Qayyim, insha'Allah. 

Having had the opportunity to read the works of Ibn Al-Qayyim in the past, it awakened a side of me that brought tears to the eyes, heart and soul due to its relevance and profoundness to the ephemeral life I embraced then. Little do I know that even after all those years, his works still produce a massive impact on me, on multiple levels. 

Stirring emotions from within. 
7.05am Malaysian Time
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