Tuesday, September 9, 2008

.: Manifestation :.

A case of mistaken identity.

Has there ever been a time when someone insinuates your race, religion or creed base on your appearances? Over the years, I encountered several comical instances. *still ongoing* Chronologically, the question marks were:
  • .. "Are you a Muslim? And are you Malay?" ..
  • Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. To think that someone asked me that when I was in primary school. *perhaps it's because I failed terribly in those papers.*

  • .. "Are you Bosnian?" ..
  • I doubt I look Bosnian at all.

  • .. "Are you a Malay?" ..
  • Got this twice in college. *don't I look Malay?*

  • .. "Are you a student?" ..
  • Countless times. I even got ticked off by a cab driver because he thought I was playing truant.

  • .. "Are you twins?" ..
  • This happens whenever I go out with my sister. She's 6 years my senior and whenever we get this remark, she'll strike a chord at me on how young she looks and how old I appear. On the contrary, I'll constantly remind her that I look mature, we are after all sisters and surely it is normal for us to look alike.

  • .. "Are you Indian?" ..
  • Happened when my sister and I were buying dates and nougats from an Indian shop in Mecca. The shopkeeper was awfully generous with our purchase though.

  • .. "Are you Chinese?" ..
  • Indeed there is a touch of Chinese blood in me however I always thought that at most, I only have a droplet of Chinese blood and that is mirrored purely on my ability to grasp the language.
People generally deduce you are so and so base on what you're wearing or how you look. Bluntly put, purely on your facade. It's not that bad. Until they start speaking in a language that is totally alien to you and expects an answer from it. Should there be a change in the mindset or is it because of the multi-racial community?

In a nutshell, I had been identified as the 3 main races in Malaysia; Malay, Chinese and Indian which plainly makes me a bona fide Malaysian then. ^^

What's next?

10.40am Malaysian Time.

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