Tuesday, September 23, 2008

.: Not so parsimonious :.

Oh my.

Less than 7 days till the end of Ramadhan and just about anyone that I know are looking forward to Eid. Somehow, it doesn't work with me. It had been years since I felt the anxiousness of observing Eid. In fact, I feel all the more remorseful and disgruntled. Perhaps it's because I think that I hardly do much during the month of Ramadhan. Plus the fact that the essence of Eid had been tarnished over the years. Being a frugal, I can never tolerate excessive preventable spending.

Like always, I'll be going home this Eid. There's the highly anticipated yearly ritual of spending countless hours beautifying the house, making festive goodies till the wee hours of the day and catching up with times with family and friends. I do take pleasure in doing all those things yet something is just not quite right.

Perhaps I should give this year a chance.
3.14pm Malaysian Time
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