Wednesday, September 10, 2008

.: Tenth day :.

Of fasting.

Not feeling too good. Starting to feel a little feverish and delirious. It's a portent. *get more sleep!* I suppose it'll be an early night for me. :(

Here are a few photos of the gastronomic creations I had for iftar back home. Prepared by the culinary connoisseurs of the house; my mum and my aunt. As you might have expected, I'm merely the kitchen assistant.

Photo Number 1:

Yong Tau Foo. [釀豆腐] ~ Soupy dish with Ha
kka origins.

Photo Number 2: Clockwise;

Tamar [تمر ] "Kurma" ~ Dates. *the fruit.* .|. "Roti Jala" or "Roti Kirai" or "Roti Renjis" ~ Malaysian pancake. *I fabricated that.* When spread out, it looks like a net *or spider web* with lacy-like consistency .|. "Kari Daging" ~ Plain old Beef Curry

Photo Number 3: Clockwise;

Assorted "Kuih" [cakes] .|. "Sayur Campur" ~ A variation of mix veggie .|. "Ayam Kicap" ~ Chicken cooked in soy sauce .|. "Ayam Goreng" ~ Fried chicken .|. "Nasi Goreng" ~ A variation of fried rice .|. "Bubur Terigu" ~ Wheat porridge with a viscous consistency.

It'll be another 2 weeks till I get to devour their yummy cooking. Until then, I'll have to be contented with my own.

PS: Photo Number 1 and Photo Number 2 were taken during 1st Ramadhan. while Photo Number 3 was taken during the 7th day of Ramadhan. *awfully sorry for the bad quality pixs ... didn't have my photoshop gear with me. :P*

The greenhorn.
10.06pm Malaysian Time
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