Wednesday, September 24, 2008

.: A year from now :.

My cousin is leaving.

To the University of Sheffield.

The only decent recent front profile photo of her in a scarf, taken together last Eid. *don't worry. I edited the photo and booted myself out. Smile! You're the highlight of the day! * :P

Got a text message from her. Due to work commitments and time restrictions, I am unable to send her off. It'd be odd not having her around for Eid especially when it comes to washing the dishes. *haha~* Insya'Allah, I'll personally go there and drag her back home for next year's Eid. :)

----- :: Personal shout out :: -----

Akak jaga diri tau! Toksah kesah sal orang-orang kat sini. Pandai-pandailah diorang jaga diri. Insya'Allah kalau takda aral melintang, sampailah kat sane. ^ Karang hantar gambar raya eh.
*I generally speak colloquial Malay.*

Rough translations :: Take care of yourself sister! Don't worry about the people here. They can take care of themselves. Insya'Allah if everything goes well, I'll come over. I'll send the Eid photos later.

The dishes are waiting.
4.39pm Malaysian Time
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