Saturday, August 22, 2009

.: Ramadhan mubarak :.

First day.

Ramadhan is finally here.
  • A month to do some soul-searching by reflecting on the things we have done all this while.
  • A month to be humble, compassionate, benevolent, giving, caring, forgiving to every single creation created by God.
  • A month to evoke our initial existence, the sole reason we are sent to this world.
  • A month to worship God, do all that He has commanded us to do and avoid all that He has forbidden us from doing
  • A month to seek forgiveness and embark on the road of repentance.

Wishing all the readers a happy Ramadhan and may Allah S.W.T make it easy for us during this blessed month.

All in the name of becoming a better Muslim in His eyes.

6.15am Malaysian Time
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