Thursday, September 3, 2009

.: Family bonds :.

Lesson 1.

After having dinner, I didn't have the nerve to stay in my room all night long and spend it by watching the telly. I wanted to go out, to observe the people and their lifestyle. Dreadfully wanted to know, what are the things that make them tick. Alas, I had promised my friend that I will not go out at night.

Then I started walking around my floor. I ended up at the exit door, leading to the staircase.

And I heard the once familiar voices coming from the opposite building. I gingerly pushed the door, sights aside, I had a full view of families having dinner together. In their living room, at their balcony, on the rooftop. The chatters, the laughters, the screaming, the fighting ... it was a spectacular view.

The scene, reminded me of how things were.

A family that eats together, stays together.

Being away from family, made me realize that. Even after I came back, we seldom have meals together. Someone is always out, occupied with something supposedly more significant.

Mum :: When we are here, please make a point to eat with your dad. You know how much he values these little things.

Little things, do make a difference.

10.14pm Malaysian Time
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