Tuesday, December 9, 2008

.: Crushing cardamoms :.

With the mortar and pestle.

Sister Farhana organized an Eid food swap; Delicioso Swap

1st Photo:: From Sister Nadi.
2nd Photo:: From Me.

To Sister Farhana:: Thanks for arranging the swap. Had loads of fun fixing up the parcel. ^

To Sister Nadi:: Thanks a mil' for the gorgeous package! I still remember that I owe you the Kleeja recipe. Insya'Allah, I'll email it to you later today. ^

Because of the swap, I'm finally moving on the whole cooking thing. :) Mum got pretty excited when I started asking her where's the saffron. She was like "What do you need?". Next thing I know, she brought massive amounts of ingredients as if I'm cooking a gargantuan feast. Looking on the bright side, we now have ample spices, nuts to last us till next Eid.

Think I'll rummage through Nadi's package so I can whip something up to soothe this dry throat of mine. :)

Have a good day!
2.17pm Malaysian Time
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