Friday, December 19, 2008

.: Mirror mirror :.

On the wall, who's the fairest one of all?

:: Situation ::

My friend, and I stayed together. Twas bedtime and this came up.

Friend :: Hajar, you're fair right?
Me :: Eh?
Friend :: I mean your skin. You're born fair right?

Once upon a time, I was fair. Now I come across as a Malayan Tapir. In junior high, I joked with my sister saying "Cool~ I'm a zebra!" And my sister said "You used to be so cute ... what happened?". "Simple, you left me with brother!".

My sister can pass off as an Indonesian Chinese. Few days ago, she brought this up. "You know, when you were small. You looked Chinese when you wore that oriental inspired pajamas.". Between us siblings, my sister is the fairest. My brother and I take turns for the 2nd place. There was only 1 time when I was fairer than her. That was because my sister went hiking and tanned herself. *she was burnt* In the long run, she gave up on advising me to use lotions, creams and stuff to help me regain my fairness. Mum and auntie know me so they shrewdly surrendered without a fight. :)

Now the role is shifted to some of my friends. They tried telling me "You are naturally fair. You just need to lather yourself with some gook and it'd come back easily." My response was "The damage had been severely done. It'd take me eons of being soaked in bleach to neutralize the damaged layers." Then they tried, "Guys dig fair girls. Don't you wanna get married?". I say "Then my husband is gonna be someone who's blind enough to see me for something that others refuse to see." Some tried with "You'll feel good. Trust us." I retorted with "I'm good the way I am, thank you."

Really, I don't understand what is this obsession with fairness. The commercials reverberate on how effective their whitening products are, and I find it creepy when people apply thick foundation, make-up on their faces when we can clearly see from their hands, neck, and feet that they are a darker shade. The lamest ad I ever saw started with women of various shades, emphasizing on how beautiful they are irregardless of their skin color yet in the end, it still came off with "Whatever color you are, we have the whitening product that suits your needs.". You just said they are beautiful the way they are! Needless to say, I also have issues with people using perfumes as if they had marinated themselves in it, but we'll leave that for now. Also, I'm not deliberately coming down on anyone, therefore please do not be offended.

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