Wednesday, December 31, 2008

.: Auld Lang Syne :.

Almost there.

Found out that my sister actually reads my blog once a while. Her views were;
  • On my brother :: You called him, Indiana Jones? So he made you a geek!
Many years ago, there was only my brother and my sister, when I suddenly popped out of my mums’ belly and assumed the role of baby Godzilla trampling on all his toy soldiers. *I knew they were sneaking treats behind my back. sis said my brother was the brain behind it. too bad he doesn’t know I’m a step ahead. yes, I was a devious child* Ever since I won the telly rights at the age of 5, my brother must have thought this little terror is going in the wrong direction. *Sesame Street beat Transformers. eat cookie, Megatron! Elmo loves you!*

“I found your lack of faith, disturbing” - Darth Vader.

He brought me back to his ‘light’ by feeding me with stories of his misadventures, robotech, macross, gundam, and the likes of it. By the time I realize I have a sister, the damage was too severe to be rectified.
  • The Dr. Love advice :: You actually blog on that?
I couldn’t resist. It just seemed too preposterous for someone to ask me that kind of stuff knowing that I have zilch knowledge in it.
With all the drama that happened and is still happening, I begin to wonder whether I have actually woken up from that Hindi movie I never volunteered to be in.
As she conveniently drives me nuts, I live to torment her hysterically. Nuf said. *blame it on Indy. He was the one that taught me survival instincts, whatever that is.*
You seriously need a break from work. Let me meet your boss and give him a piece of my mind. How dare he torture my sister? That’s my job!

To my sis :: If you’re reading this, smack me in the head and bring me back to reality. And no, I’m not making that call. Also, I still can’t wipe that sickening image of you reenacting that ILU stuff. Not only did I almost burn my cookies yesterday, I can’t function well at work all thanks to that. *the song, the scene, everything is hovering in my head!* I need to reformat myself else have a major overhaul.

Happy New Year. :)
11.54am Malaysian Time
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