Saturday, May 15, 2010

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More or less.

Felt like it was just yesterday when Islam in China, asked whether I could contribute an article to his Islam in China webzine. About a year later, Cina Muslim requested to place the article in his website.

Those were the nights when I went through various research materials. On one particular occasion while I was absorbed in reading Yusuf Liu Baojun's book, a friend messaged me on MSN with this in question;

"Why are you working so hard on that research?"

My answer was, "Simply to kill time.". 

Honestly speaking I wasn't working hard since I knew where to turn to and had my ways of reaching the sources. However, time wasn't at my side and I was terribly meticulous. Noticing that this is a self-induced fallibility *or possibly laxity down my end*, I seldom write articles anymore and chose to occupy myself with other things i.e. cooking. *coughs*

That was until I receive requests to churn out articles and content of which none are religion-related. As much as I like to write *crap*, there isn't much self-satisfaction involved and it began to bore me tremendously.  Apparently the "Simply to kill time" statement wasn't baseless after all. I guess I did find some comfort when I embarked on writing that article, or to be more precise, in researching about Islam.

The purpose of creating Cina Muslim was to gradually evolve it into a place where people can share their views, learn a thing or two and gain substantial benefits from reading the articles. Therefore should you have any material that you deem is appropriate to be placed there or even feel gracious enough to allow me to write something about you as a featured article, kindly drop me an email and we'll work something out. 

Insha'Allah *God willing*. :)
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