Monday, May 18, 2009

.: Accruing emancipation :.

Maintaining the decorum.

First scenario

New teacher :: Monday is pronounced as Alithnain. You know, like Alice in Wonderland. :)
Me :: LoL~ What?
New teacher :: :) Don't laugh. Repeat after me, Alithnain. :)
Second scenario

New teacher :: Supposedly, it is pronounced as Syukra and Afwa. But if you say that, most Arabs will not understand. Generally, we pronounce the tanween hence it becomes Syukran and Afwan.
Me :: So Syukran Jazeelan should be pronounced as Syukran Jazeela?
New teacher :: Yes. :)
Me :: Then what's Syukriya?

- my sis spotting a flabbergasted face -

New teacher :: That's Urdu. :)
Me :: Owh ... *like, what just happened?*
New teacher :: LoL~ It's derived from Arabic origins. :)


Sis :: Syukriya? Syukriya? What were you thinking?
Me :: I uhh ... wasn't? Must have zoned out. Must have...

Can't fess up to my sister that my cousin and I have been writing romanized Urdu to one another. Reason? It began when her friend commented on FB, "Write in English or we'll start a conversation in Urdu." That eventually led to us leaving romanized Urdu on each other's applications. Yes, it's weird. By the way, I don't speak Urdu. Please do not comment in Urdu. I will reject the comment. :)

Summary of Arabic Lessons Level 1. I did the finals yesterday. Alhamdulillah!!! I'll proceed to level 2 on May 31st 09. ^^ 2 weeks break~!!! Eh ... why am I listening to Arabic Podcasts and going through my notes again?

And I've taken my knowledge into practice when I frequent Middle Eastern shops. The overall experience, reeks sheer joy. Nowadays, it's far more easier to ask for ingredients, and the communication barrier have diminished significantly. :)

مع السلامة

8.20pm Malaysian Time
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