Wednesday, May 27, 2009

.: Dominus Illuminatio mea :.

The Lord is my Light.

One of my friends is organizing a charity drive to collect funds for an orphanage here in Malaysia. He was going about how he brought these kids to McDonald's and a couple of Malay [Muslim] women did so much more by entertaining these kids.

“Because of their kind act and yours too who did not care about their race or religion, I definitely want to now help out a Muslim/Malay Orphanage next month or in July.”

If anyone wants a shot at providing a little happiness into a young child’s life that may indirectly bring about a greater impact in the long run, email me and I shall link you up with my friend. Child sponsorship is approximately RM100 [30USD], and it's a one time sponsorship, closing dates 2 weeks from now. I think I know him well enough that he will not misuse the funds. Believe me, he does not need it. :)

To my friend:: Oxford did the right thing by accepting you. :)

Shining upon us.
10.13pm Malaysian Time
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