Thursday, June 4, 2009

.: Guilty :.

Inner turmoil.

To be honest with everyone, I haven’t been cooking for close to a month as I couldn’t find the time. So I did manage to make fried rice last week and noodles this week but I won’t call that as cooking because I didn’t involve any passion in it. I cooked because I had to eat something and I refused to order take-outs. It wasn’t because I wanted to create a food masterpiece.

Yesterday, we ordered Mcdonald’s. It made me realize why I preferred to slave away in the kitchen, willingly.

Mcdonald’s tasted like cardboard.

After I forcibly devoured the burger, and had to look the other way when my sister threw my fries in the garbage because I felt like puking just by looking at it, it came to my senses on the kind of things I have been consuming for the last few weeks.

  • Have I reached the age whereby fast food joints have now repulsed me?
  • How many more fries will end in the garbage bin?
  • Don’t people eat good food anymore?
  • Don’t people cook anymore?
  • Aren’t people concerned in having a healthy diet?

Hence, I am hoping to start anew in my cooking escapades. Decided to take small steps in trying to redevelop a healthy lifestyle and abstain from putting more garbage in me. *besides the fact I miss people telling me how good of a cook I am and can be if I will only spend more time in the kitchen … coughs*

A test of endurance.
5.40am Malaysian Time
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