Tuesday, June 16, 2009

.: The south :.

And I'm back.

No doubt it was a short trip, but it sure felt good to be back in the South and reconnect with just about everything.

I reached the train station around 6am and took the bus back home. Dang! They changed the bus route! It no longer passes the Masjid Sultan Abu Bakar thus my hopes of taking any photos of it and the Straits of Johor? Kapishh!

Mum :: Where’s the cab?
Me :: I took the bus.
Dad :: Told you she will take the bus.

On top of that, my mango tree was chopped off! Nooo~!!! There goes my climbing activity. Moments later, I had a long talk with mum. Dad listened in. They are very compromising of things and I’m glad I made the trip. Soon after, my friend text on our get-together. Spent a couple of hours with her and I spent the night at home going through some old photographs.

The next morning, dad sent me to the train station.

Mum :: Your dad insists on sending his little girl. Entertain him and keep him in sight, will you? I’ll rush there after my class.
Dad :: Aih~ your mum and her worries …

I had a spectacular joyride in the train. It was the last day of school holidays in Malaysia and I guess everyone was making their way home. I was practically surrounded by kids, kids and more kids hyperactively running back and forth! The multiple levels of screams, giggles and cheekiness! Aih~ why didn’t I charge my batteries? Imagine the shots I could have captured!

In short, everything was a blast. ^^
7.17pm Malaysian Time
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