Monday, June 8, 2009

.: Unconscious houdini :.

Streams of it.

There are times when one can only plan.

There are times when one needs to do what one has set to do.

There are times when in order to find oneself, one has to venture out.

Can they no longer differentiate between true sadness and true happiness?

"My life is a battle." - Voltaire

This is no longer a whimsical fantasy. It has transmogrified into a need, a must have. Without it, one shall risk sinking deeper into losing oneself. Scattered around are the missing fragments. It is one thing to gather it all and piece it back together. It is another thing to hold dearly the ones that are still attached and ensure that it does not break apart into a million tiny pieces.

The journey to find oneself. The journey towards withholding a belief. The journey against all odds.

And the epic battle has begun.
7.55pm Malaysian Time
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