Friday, August 20, 2010

.: Mutiara minda :.

Membaca sambil beramal.

From August 1 to October 31, MPH Bookstores is selling the "Mutiara Minda" card.
All proceeds from the selling of the card will be distributed to 10 selected orphanages.

:: Translation Notes ::
  • Mutiara Minda; pearl intellect; precious intellect.
  • Membaca sambil beramal; reading while doing charity.

For someone who seldom reads Malay books, I eventually settled with these Islamic reference material. The first two books discuss about prayers, while the last touches about supplications. I also bought a set of Arabic alphabets flashcards. Thought it'd be a good gift for anyone who's learning it.

Moving along, I'll post the Eid cards by Monday Insha'Allah. Although today is the due date, I will still accept requests provided you don't mind receiving it after Eid. Our postal service can become super chaotic during this time; no kidding.

Happy Friday everyone. :)
9.57pm Malaysian Time
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