Wednesday, August 18, 2010

.: Bazaar Ramadhan :.

Kuala Lumpur.

From left to right :: Chocodate, Halal certification, dim sum, ayam madu, random lady, otak-otak.

From left to right :: Ikan bakar, dim sum, roti boom pandan.

Photos were taken at the Ramadhan bazaars held in Wangsa Maju and Danau Kota. I was elated to find ... CHOCODATE!!! Alas the seller was away for Asar prayers so I didn't get to purchase any. Then I found these guys selling halal dim sum, and they even displayed the halal certification! As usual I obtained their permission before I snapped their photos. *the first guy was very shy ... =.=*

Brief descriptions ::
  • Ayam (Chicken) Madu (Honey) - BBQ chicken wings smothered in honey, spices etc.
  • Otak-otak (literal translation 'Brains') - A combination of fish paste, spices and etc. wrapped in banana leaf; may be grilled or steamed.
  • Ikan (Fish) Bakar (Grilled) - Grilled fish with air asam (sour dip).
  • Roti (Bread) Boom (I have no idea how to translate this) Pandan (Screw-pine leaf) - Resembles roti prata (Singapore) or roti canai (Malaysia); just smaller and circular in shape. The seller diversified the original recipe by using pandan extract.
Out of the long stretch of stalls, I only bought ikan bakar and dim sum to complement the dishes we have at home. One must keep in mind that this isn't the time to indulge in unnecessary spending, let alone finding means to waste any excess food.

: For some background, please refer to my Arabian Delights post regarding my once upon a time fixation over Chocodate; the heavenly yet sinful confectionery.

Another rainy day!
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