Wednesday, August 25, 2010

.: Provincial lapse :.

Differential treatment.

Last month I attended a lecture at PERKIM. Alhamdulillah, the overall experience was extremely beneficial and uplifting. There were many sisters and everyone was very pleasant. As a fresh face I had a couple of regular sisters who graciously extended their friendship. Simply said, the feeling of having random people coming up to you, smile and say salam truly comforts the heart and soul.

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Earlier I told a brother *the same brother as the one in this post* that I wanted to attend their classes and lectures.

Why? You already know most of these things. These classes are for beginners. You are beyond that.

I beg to differ really. In school I regarded religious subjects as just another subject. It's not like I've forgotten what I've learned, however I believe I wasn't really paying attention to any of it and I feel that I may have missed out on a handful of things. As of now, I haven't gone to any of the classes yet since my cousin wanted to join me. Will embark on the spiritual enrichment journey after Eid Insha'Allah.

Building blocks.
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