Monday, August 2, 2010

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A short time ago I had this conversation with someone who is very dear to me. Our little tiff didn't last long, and we're back on good terms Alhamdulillah. She was just watching out for me, fearful of my movements. The purpose of writing this down is not to provoke or badmouth her, but it's more of sharing the kind of reaction I get every now and then from others, particularly the ones who insinuate religion is linked to a certain race/culture. Call me daft if you may, but I don't give a hoot about a person's race when it comes to acquiring religious knowledge or anything else for that matter.

Person :: Of all people, why can't you learn about Islam from someone else?
Me :: What's the problem?
Person :: He's Chinese. How much does he know about Islam? How far back is his generations that embraced Islam? I'm talking about lineage, bloodline. Can you understand this?
Me :: In other words you are indicating how "Islamic" is his family background.
Person :: Yes. You should find someone whose family has been in Islam for generations. Their belief are more deep-rooted and knowledge are more reliable.
Me :: If you are concerned about that then where do you place the reverts? Are you indicating they are less "Islamic" just because they don't have generations of "Islamic" lineage?
Person :: Not exactly but Malays have been living the Muslim way of life.
Me :: So have the Chinese Muslims.
Person :: But the culture is different.
Me :: I am learning about Islam, not the culture. Do you honestly have issues with this person's "Islamic" know-how or is it really his race?

Monday blues.
10.24am Malaysian Time
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