Tuesday, November 18, 2008

.: Time away :.

From blogging.

Up till end of this month, I shall cease blogging for a while. Reasons being that there are a few things that I have on hand plus, something has been bothering me of late and I am hoping to get some answers soon. Alhamdulillah, I can still maintain my composure, thus avoiding the whole freaking out fuss from happening. This doesn't necessarily mean that I am cutting all ties from the online world. Every other day, I'll spare a few minutes to check my mail, so be rest assured that I shall reply promptly. Insya'Allah. ^^

In some way, my present situation reminded me of a statement I got during Hajj. Uttered by a fellow brother.

Brother :: "Saya doakan awak kahwin dengan Dr."

- I pray that you get married to a Dr.-

Bloody freaky.
12.37noon Malaysian Time
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