Tuesday, November 18, 2008

.: School's out :.


Officially on Nov. 15th till next year. There I was, on my way to work from KL Sentral when I stumbled upon a group of primary school students with a couple of teachers having breakfast. At a glance, I am assuming that they are having an excursion to KL. *schools typically organize such trips, funny how I never took part in any of it.*

I love school. I do. Just that I love school holidays more. *don't we all? haha~* Once the holidays start, my mum and dad would send me off with my brother, sister and aunt to
some other place. My parents aren't that mobile, thus my aunt is our caretaker. She's like our second mum. :)

Sis said that the best years are in high school. Mine is really in primary school. How I miss school life. *the hols, more than ever.*

:: To all school kids ::

From kindy to primary to high school to colleges and universities. *to me, you are all kids* One month plus of holidays! No school! No books! No teachers! No lessons! No assignments! Irregardless of how you choose to spend it, spend it well. Even if you are wii-ing it up with your chums all day long. Whatever that you deem is worth your while. :)

*mums, dads ... it's really not that bad.*

Note :: this post is pucked under the festive label with the notion that it is a festival. At least, in my books. :P

Basketball anyone?
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