Sunday, November 2, 2008

.: Beyond words :.

Make a prayer.

Over tea, I had a brief discussion with my sister pertaining to the repercussions of our Hajj. Adjacent to our dining table, there are 2 framed blown up photographs at the King Abdul Aziz International Airport, Jeddah whereas another at Mina courtesy of my uncle. One of it is featured in earlier entries of my blog under the Hajj 2007.2008 label. *the thinker pose* Of all the photographs taken, I do not wish to comment on his choice of selections.

To summarize things, we noticed changes in ourselves together with the rest of our entourage. I for one felt that each of us reaped immense constructive knowledge. Sis mentioned that she now dons the hijab whenever she's out. Dad reads the Qur'an almost after every solat. Can't say much about the others since I hardly see them. On the other hand, I'm reading up more on Islamic materials. Pretty hilarious when during a recent visit to a bookstore the owner was recommending me a few good reads and each time he handed me one I'll tell him that I already have it. This followed by the part when I bought books by the bulk. *he must have thought I have a library for a house* At least my family know where to find me if they lose sight of me at the mall, and which section to start it off with. *to which I believe is much to be expected, haha~*

Truth be told, it is really great to reminisce about it once a while. Seeing the programmes and news on Hajj as shown on the telly unfettered the encounters then.
A statement I recalled from my superior upon seeing him after my return was, "I told people that my sister is somewhere in the sea of people. There! I think that's her!"

Absolutely amazing.
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