Thursday, March 5, 2009

.: 10 random facts :.

About Me.

Tagged by ipv6. I indulge you, in some rubbish about myself. :P
1. Six names you go by:
  1. Hajar.
  2. Haja.
  3. Hajjar.
  4. Hajah.
  5. Aja.
  6. Ja.
People often have problems pronouncing @ remembering @ writing my name. It gets worse when they try to write it in Arabic or Jawi.

2. Three things you are wearing right now:
  1. Hijab.
  2. Pashmina.
  3. Baju Kurung.
3. Two things you want very badly at the moment:
  1. Can I stop here?
  2. Like really, can I end the tag like right now?
4. Three people who will do this:
  1. Ms. Unique
  2. Sketchedsoul
  3. Miss Ash
5. Two things you did last night:
  1. Cooking.
  2. Sleeping. :P
6. Two things you did today:
  1. Cramping @ cramming engineering jargons.
  2. Due dilligence.
7. Two Things you ate today:
  1. Nasi Lemak. [Rice cooked in coconut milk, normally eaten with anchovies, sambal *chilli paste*, cucumber and boiled egg] - I need the fat.
  2. Tang Yuan. [Glutinous rice ball in sweet soup] - I need my sugar.
8. Two people you last talked to on the phone:
  1. A brother from Al-Diwan. *Arabic classes postponed to next week*
  2. My former colleague.
9. Two things you are going to do tomorrow:
  1. Insya'Allah, going over to my cousin's place for a get together with family prior to her brother's wedding ceremony.
  2. Feign ignorance when relations speak of marriage. *coughs*
10. Favourite beverage:
  1. Lukewarm plain water.
  2. Hot plain water.

Over at Kak Chik's place a short while ago. Apparently, she thinks my blog is fab, hence I'm accepting her award. Gratitude by the masses goes to her. :)

In conjunction to this, I'm giving this award to the other lovely blogs on my blog roll. Every single one is distinctively remarkable, whereby listing them all here will only exclude the noteworthy mentions for the future ones.

Thus the tag ends.
10.34am Malaysian Time
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