Friday, March 6, 2009

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The day Venice came to our shores.

Kuala Lumpur, has recently enjoined itself with Bangkok as the Venice of the East.

Photo source:: Bernama.

Chaos as flash floods hit city.
Thousands caught unawares as 2m-high flash floods hit KL.

I never experience flash floods. On that day, while taking an alternative mode of transportation, I witnessed it first hand. Kuala Lumpur submerged under 2metres of water. Friends have likened it as our eastern version of Venice. I beg to differ. It was nothing like it. In replacement of the romantic atmosphere of gondolas and gondoliers in half-unbuttoned white/striped shirts, sleeves rolled up, with a hat and scarf twirled over their necks fantastically serenading Italian love songs to the passengers, all I saw were people trying to get to the safest place as quick as possible. Faces filled with humor, amazement, confusion and sheer horror.

Note:: The description of the gondoliers were based on the accounts I had 10 years ago.


Current local headlines are overflowed with the fiasco in relation to morality, the constitution and ethics. This piece of news adds further to it. Much to be thought upon the unaddressed ones i.e. the Orang Asli community. On another scale, a friend has returned to his homeland. I took the interest to read about his country, relying on the net as it apparently does not count as 'news' here. I may have sidetracked a little, reading more on the casualties at the bordering areas. Quite a number of sisters and brothers have highlighted it in their blog, offering their thoughts. As I am not there, nor have I been there, I dare not start a dialogue based on my perspective. The issue I brought up is the one in Swat Valley, Pakistan.

The winds are blowing.
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