Monday, March 16, 2009

.: Nocturne :.

Having one too many of it.

A fraction of the scenes observed in the mosque besides the common bickering, gossiping, idle chit-chatting.
  • Sleeping in the mosque.
As most of the sisters leave after prayers, I hardly see this occurring among us. However, it is much reflected on the brothers. After plopping myself in some corner hidden away from sight, it feels odd to see a brother reciting the Qur’an whereas the brother next to him is snoring hard, lost in his forty winks. No, he’s not homeless. His dressing is far too fancy shmancy. *coughs*
  • Eating in the mosque.
More like picnicking. I have seen people laying their foodstuff on their picnic cloth, chit-chatting rapidly with kids scampering about catching frisbees in the mosque’s compounds.
  • Couples in the mosque.
Couples that insist they stay together. I’ll stop there.
  • Dating in the mosque.
I’m sure they’re happily married; *being positive here* though kindly keep the affectionate displays at home where it belongs. No doubt that sharing one's happiness is pleasant, but there should really be a limit. Really.

Curious as to whether these scenes are displayed elsewhere, and the numerous other kinds along the lines.

Best be on my way now.
1.02pm Malaysian Time
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