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The National Level Celebrations.

Theme:: Wahdah Pemangkin Khaira Ummah
[Unity as the Catalyst for Creating the Best Nation]

"Adherence to Islam as demonstrated by the glorious history of Islam has proven that Muslim nations were at one time united on the axis of truth," he said.

However, Tuanku Mizan said some people had become contaminated by greed and self-centredness, and neglected noble values by chasing worldly possessions, which resulted in many forms of catastrophes and disasters that befell the people because of the wrath of God.

"Therefore, Islam forbids any form of misappropriation, abuse of power and discrimination. Instead, Islam preaches, equality and cooperation."

"Islam makes it obligatory to protect and ensure equal rights for all strata of the society, regardless whether they were Muslims or non-Muslims," said Tuanku Mizan.

Info and pictures source from The Sun.


Typically, the celebrations include parades, forums, conferences, marhabans [Islamic songs], nasheeds, berzanji [praises to the Prophet Muhammad S.A.W, historical accounts], performances, treating the needy etc.

Close to 8 years since I participated in the celebrations. As compared to where I am now, the community in my hometown are very close knit when it comes to Islamic celebrations. Without fail, we will have people coming over for marhabans, separated into 2 sessions, men and women of all ages. It was from them did I learn the marhabans, nasheeds and berzanji. Berzanji is now a dying art.

Something else that I am unable to find here is the makan berdulang. Normally, after the marhaban or berzanji sessions, the hosts will serve refreshments and one of the ways to serve was the makan berdulang. It's basically food placed in a circular tray where 4-5 people will share the food by eating from the tray.

There are 2 ways of doing it::

1st. - The dishes are placed into bowls, the bowls placed in the tray and people scoop it from there. If the bowls are placed directly on the table / sapra [cloth to cover the floor], then it is called makan berhidang.

2nd. - The dishes are ladled straight into the centre of the tray, no plates, no cutlery. Sometimes someone will divide it into portions, or else everybody just help themselves to it using their hands. Trust me, it can get excruciating at times particularly when you have friends fighting for the chicken. To solve matters, we do trade-offs, e.g. my chicken piece for your potato.

*First-timers may find the second approach as repulsive. Of course, one has to know the etiquette.

Friend:: I'm surprised. None of my Muslim friends ever share their food with me, and here you are sharing what's on your plate.
Me:: Apparently, you don't know any southerners.

Note:: Makan berdulang I believe is actually a Malay culture. The response I gave was because I was being biased. :P

Hopefully, this answers to Ms. Unique's query. :)
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