Wednesday, July 22, 2009

.: Coincidental vestige :.

Embody the trail.

"If you believe it was destined to happen it is most likely to happen, if you believe nothing has been decided then most likely nothing has been decided"

Yuko Ichihara, xxxHolic

After exposing my excursion to a selective set, here are some of the reactions received:

  • You’re going there to see your boyfriend, aren’t you?
  • Why there of all places?
  • You can contract H1N1.
  • Have you lost it? You're going alone!
  • They kill Muslims there.
  • That place is filled with pickpockets.
  • How are you going to pray? What will you eat?

Perhaps I am a vocally determined person because I happen to have answers for all of the above. Or I am just too pigheaded to make room for other forms of reasoning. I will go with pigheadedness.

I guess the reaction that sort of stumped me is …

"Why there of all places?"

There’s a stronger pull there compared to anywhere else and I don’t know why. I really have no clue. I just know when I returned from Hajj, I got on the net aimlessly thinking about starting a blog and I came across Guangzhou. In actual truth, I forget things easily. Yet, I wasn’t able to shake it off my head. I deduced, something must be there.

Mum :: Are you really sure about this? Whatever you do, if you are unsure, seek guidance from God.
Me :: How can something that feels so right, flows so perfectly be so wrong?

One a half years later, 2 days from now...

I’m finding out.
12.08noon Malaysian Time
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