Saturday, July 18, 2009

.: Walimatul urus :.


I noticed that I hardly do posts about Malay culture. Photos speak a thousand words, hence let it speak for itself. *Alright, I will admit that I am just lazy to create a draggy post*

Anyway, these Malay wedding photos were taken mid last year on my cousin's wedding day. Akin to weddings by other cultures, conducting this grand scale affair requires ::
  1. Intense Planning --- and executing it flawlessly
  2. Budget --- don't ask how much the family splurged on this
  3. Manpower --- don't ask how many people worked on it
  4. Attitude --- don't ask how many people blew / almost blew their heads off
  5. Hard Work --- excruciatingly tiring, nevertheless fun

The Wedding Dias --- Pelamin in Malay

Family and friends. *Where's my sister? She's in the picture by the way. :)*

The ermm ... banquet table? I prefer to name it as the heavenly yet devilishly tantalizing source of supreme sustenance! Food parade!!!

Oho! Ghazal! Rather odd since my cousin is not from the South. *the unmistakable distinct influence of Southerners ... coughs*

The hall after the wedding.

*Click on the photos to enlarge it.

I was the unofficial photographer for the bride's side, however those photos were taken using my cousin's camera. These are just the random snapshots I managed to shoot offhandedly with mine and a couple are actually credited to my uncle. Insha'Allah I'll showcase another typical Malay wedding scenario in future posts.

Off for breakfast.
8.54am Malaysian Time
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