Saturday, July 4, 2009

.: Walk away :.

Ignorance is not always a bliss.

I was out with friends. They’re not Muslims. They’re not Malay. And some are not even Malaysians. Over the years, I have become immune to the stares that people hurl at me whenever I am in the company of non-Muslims/Malays.

For a fact, I do know that my actions will bring about assumptions more often slanted towards the negative aspect. Just the other day I got ticked off by a cab driver when he found out I’m meeting a Chinese guy at a public area in the afternoon. I told him it’s a business meeting, yet the words swept past him next to nothing.

Cab driver :: There are so many Malay Muslims! What business can you have with a Chinese guy?
Me :: LoL~ It’s about work.
Cab driver :: The next thing you’ll be telling me you’re marrying him!

From then onwards, I chose to remain silent.

Presumably, everything is over and done for. The stares of disbelief or treachery continued when I met my friend. Looking back, years ago when I wasn’t in hijab, no one gave a second look at me when I’m out and about with my friends. With hijab, things sort of went on a 360 and became all the more disparaging.

Sometimes, this just tires me.

8.56pm Malaysian Time
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