Friday, July 17, 2009

.: Dance of the flowers :.


I was 10 when I was separated from my best friend.

I was 12 when I ran back to the exact spot where we last said goodbye even though I know he’s no longer there.

I was 15 when I broke down and cried for weeks in dad’s presence because the pain was no longer tolerable.

That was the time dad hugged me after so long and made sure I prayed congregational prayers alongside him, to seek solace from God.

"I cannot say that I understand your pain. But it is painful for me to see you this way. I cannot replace what you have lost. All I can do is to comfort you. The one that is able to ease your suffering is God. Seek for him. Insha’Allah, you will overcome this."

I was 19 when I opted to make the closure.

I was 22 when I realized I made the mistake of my life through endless denials and sought to set things right.


Now, I’m going through life, believing that even in my darkest hour, God never left me. Concluding that there is a reason why I am unable to let go of this memory no matter how hard I tried and prayed for it.


Things happen for a reason. For each broken piece, we strive harder to attain the next best piece. We do not give up. As long as we keep on trying, our efforts and determination shall be noticed. Afterward, we just leave it to God to move the heavens for us.

Happy Jumu'ah everyone!

5.58am Malaysian Time
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