Monday, February 16, 2009

.: Breaking barriers :.

Exposing oneself.

A year plus since I started the blog. Started as an outlet to jot down Hajj narratives, evolved into the inclusion of multiple other anecdotes. In the same way, this applies to other correspondences i.e. emails with the blog as the catalyst.

Within each post, in staying true to the context; the flair, the prose, the responses, the photographs, what are the portrayals I may have envisaged to others about me?

The degree of the anonymous, secrecy and mysteriousness, I reason on it collectively. The perceptions in particular.

In view of that, in general to what extent have I divulged myself?

These things whether it is a negative or positive outlook do not have a direct significance to me, therein I am yet to be left mystified by the speculations.

4.26pm Malaysian Time
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