Monday, February 16, 2009

.: Breaking barriers :.

Exposing oneself.

A year plus since I started the blog. Started as an outlet to jot down Hajj narratives, evolved into the inclusion of multiple other anecdotes. In the same way, this applies to other correspondences i.e. emails with the blog as the catalyst.

Within each post, in staying true to the context; the flair, the prose, the responses, the photographs, what are the portrayals I may have envisaged to others about me?

The degree of the anonymous, secrecy and mysteriousness, I reason on it collectively. The perceptions in particular.

In view of that, in general to what extent have I divulged myself?

These things whether it is a negative or positive outlook do not have a direct significance to me, therein I am yet to be left mystified by the speculations.

4.26pm Malaysian Time


Empress Anisa said...

Should I say congrats on the year? Your style of writing is something that most can't comprehend... it is indeed refreshing.

salaams said...

it doesn't really matter who or what you are does it?

If we flatter you it will only breed pride and if we criticse you maybe we would be unfair.

I still don't know if you are a bro or sis. I always the the word hajar and think Hajira...

May Allah make us beautiful inside and out. Ameen

Hajar said...

Empress Anisa :: You don't have to. Haha~! Anyway, I've gotten mixed reactions on this.

Salaams:: Exactly, thus the final paragraph was to do away with such views. My writings are sometimes layered with subtle vagueness, and this is more of my underlying thoughts. Sorry for the confusion.

Deep inside, I have the belief that indulgence on flattery begets our own demise whilst criticisms are the ones that shape us. Again, these are just my own thoughts, not meaning to generalize. In other words, I welcome criticisms with open arms. Start hurling 'em at me! Haha~

I'm a sis. :) But I have been mistaken as a bro several times on the net. This still perplexes me. I believe you're a brother. Hajira eh ... interesting.

On that, may Allah S.W.T make us beautiful inside as surely, the beauty within shall surpass the unpleasantness outside. Insya'Allah.


Hajar said...

I don't know how you feel about letting parts of yourself open to the scrutiny of random readers. I feel that it's all the same to the world if I put myself out there or not. Nothing is going to change if people read it and neither is anything going to change if they do not read it. I don't have that many readers anyway, I am profoundly convinced that I am just a boring character to most people. Only the few special ones, who are as eccentric as I am, read and comment on what I have to say.

Hajar said...

Aww~ you are far from being a boring character. ^^

Likewise, haven't seen any changes on my side. :)

salaams said...

a bit confused now i see yourself replying to your self or maybe there are others who can be you (if you get what I mean).

Anyways I just wanted to say after reading one of those comments it doesn't really matter who reads or not, although its nice to have readers it keeps us inspired to write more, knowing there are people interested in our words, forget where I was now but basically it doesn't matter if no one changes or if noting changes as long as our words have a positive impact on us, the writer.

Change is in the hands of God, Effort is in the hands of the slave of God.

Hajar said...

Believe me, I was confused myself. :)

To clear matters up, Hajar is one of the lovely sisters that I got to know over the net. Here's her blog link if you want to drop by::

In total agreement with your views.

salaams said...

inshallah will definitely take a look.

Sketched Soul said...

As-salaamu'alaykum wa Rahmatu Llahi wa Barakatuhu my dearest sister Hajar,

Oh boy.. you've wasted a whole year on here.. wow :D haha (just imagine, ONE WHOLE YEAR - don't people write a book in that much time? ahem)

"..indulgence on flattery begets our own demise" - ha! I'mah kill you :D

Okay Hajar, get back to posting.. you're an amazing writer, tabarak'Allah. Besides, the most wonderful thing about your blog, is you met me..haha I mean, I met you :D

Love Farhana

Ms.Unique said...

Inside out or outside in ... Which way Hajar :s .... wahahahah ... anyways congrats on completing a year .... :)

Hajar said...

Salaams:: That's good. :)

Sketched Soul:: Wa'alaikumussalam wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuh dear Sister Farhana.

I most certainly have! How disgusting! Haha~! On both accounts, I uhh ... don't know where you're leading to ... :P

Aih~ I'll settle with, we found one another. :) Thanks a mil sis for the lovely words. ^

Ms. Unique:: Bucketful of thanks sis! ^^