Thursday, February 26, 2009

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Starting anew.

The brother behaved indecently. Part of me would love to pummel him *he seems to be a good practice subject* The other wanted to engage him in intellectual preaching sessions. *had a hunch it'll be a horrific experience for him* Leveraging the situation, in doing so may prolong or worsen it, I opted to get off the vehicle.

Note:: There are people that use invocations on a daily basis in their conversations, and I have my utmost respect on them. This post is more of a self-reflection directed on my part, in saying it in speech or having it in writing.

The whole time, I wanted to launch a tirade on the accounts to someone, anyone. Ended up murmuring invocations, that reduced my fury. Then it occurred to me, just when did I start uttering it as if it is a normalcy? Do I mean it?

Never favor the idea of “just saying it” or “for the sake of saying it”. Simply repeating it thousands of times without a clear understanding of the substance, I suppose removes every single essence it harbored. Hence, I thought to myself, am I becoming the kind of person that I so had despised to be?

Used to reciting certain Surahs by memory while being oblivious to its meanings, I’m trying to set things right by going through materials on top of learning Arabic. *Alhamdulillah, my sister decided to enroll with me, class starts this Sunday*

Citing a partial section of a sermon in a Malaysian congregational prayer, "We are well versed in our recitals. Some can even read like the Arabs yet unfortunately, not many understand the context let alone the gist of it."

It’s like the blind, following the blind so to speak.
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