Sunday, February 22, 2009

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Going all traditional.

Friend:: I take my hat off the Malays and Indians. They are proud to wear their traditional costume anywhere. Us Chinese prefer to wear your traditional costumes instead of our own.

Prior to Chinese New Year, I visited friends in my former workplace. Like most days, I wore the Baju Kurung, the Malay traditional attire for girls, hence that sparked the remark from my friend.

Frankly, I seldom see Chinese adorning their traditional gear, though I’m in agreement on other races wearing the traditional attires of other races. Over here, it’s common to see Chinese wearing Indian or Malay clothes, vice versa. There are also instances whereby the public wears Arab, Portuguese, Korean, Japanese etc. traditional attire.

Considering I have loads of Baju Kurung, I don’t see any reason not to wear it. In Madinah, sis got me to purchase an abaya. It’s still hanging in the closet, like some kind of overdue party dress never to be worn, *believe me, it does look like that. Sis was raving on how it looks like something out of a fairytale. Alas, what was I thinking then?* I strongly believe that its sole purpose is meant to collect dust or otherwise to be infested with moth holes. As for the other races traditional attire, I have worn the cheongsam. In my kiddy years, cousins and I experimented with bales of cloth mimicking the way Indians twirl their saris, although that doesn’t count since we were merely fooling around. I do however have a dress, a synthesis of Indian and Malay, made from sari material. *one of the rare moments when I allow the tailor to go crazy on the creation; I guess the material must had provided the inspiration*

  • Do you wear your traditional clothes, excluding festive days?
  • Do you wear the traditional clothes of other races?
  • What do you think of other races wearing your traditional clothes?

I have friends that are alright with it, whilst some are totally against it. As for me, as long as it is within my dress code boundaries, I'm fine with it.

What's your take on this?
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