Saturday, April 25, 2009

.: Masjid Abdul Rahman Bin Auf :.

Jalan Puchong.

With the exception of Fridays, this beloved mosque is where I go to perform my Zuhr prayers as well as implore to Allah S.W.T when things get a little too heavy for me. A place to reflect the life I am graciously provided with, and be gratified with it. The women's area is separated using removable partitions at the back of the mosque, and the ablution area is extremely spacious with curtains to separate the chambers.

Sekolah Agama Al-Ihsan [Al-Ihsan Religious School] :: This Islamic religious school is situated adjacent to the mosque. On my way back, give or take a quarter to 2pm, the students aged 7 - 12 will begin to gather at the entrance or inside the mosque's compounds before proceeding to the school. They like to run around the compounds, playing hide-and-seek with one another. A great deal of all this reminded me of my time years ago, back in the south.

Memories flooding in.
9.00am Malaysian Time
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