Tuesday, April 14, 2009

.: Sinking indulgence :.

A sweet deal.

Family gatherings are a norm in my present household, it being held no less than every fortnight. Occasionally when I am aware of possible assemblies and I happen to be outside, it is likely for me to purchase food for the kids. The choice rely on where I was at the moment; ranging from chocolates to pastries; stuff that kids and adults *coughs* would die for.

Little cousin:: Ooohhh~ You bought doughnuts with the icings, cute little deco and stuff!
Me:: LoL~ It’s just doughtnuts.
Little cousin:: But these are the expensive doughtnuts! Oooohhh~!

Dunkin Donuts never strike to me as expensive. In contrast, J.Co, Big Apple and Krispy Kreme doughnuts are a tad bit pricier, but I consider it as reasonably priced. These little kids, whom are barely 7 thinks differently.

Things which I perceived as affordable are in fact a luxury to them. Quite a number of my belongings have been under the kids’ spotlight since the first day they set their eyes on it and the two things they can never get enough of is my computer and digital camera. With eyes literally transfixed on the computer screen, spell bounded by the screen saver and utterly enthralled by the images they captured with the camera; how is it possible for me to refuse them to savor this ounce of luxury?

Recently, they went through our larder, spotting containers filled with pasta and packages scrawled in foreign language, went totally ballistic with the ‘Ooohhhss’ and ‘Aaahhhss’ expressions before ending it with “You eat expensive food!”. The words may be words of curiosity, innocence, or sheer envy; whichever it is, by some means had provided me a realization to keep both of my feet on the ground, to be appreciative with what I am fortunately blessed with and to share it with the ones that need it more than I do.

Little cousin:: She’s back! Did you buy something for us?
Me:: Are you here to see me or to get something from me?
Little cousin:: To see you!
Me:: Good to hear that. :) I’m sorry cos’ I didn’t get you guys something.
Little cousin:: It’s alright! Seeing you is more than enough. :)

There are lessons that we can learn from kids. As a matter of fact, I’ve gathered that those lessons seen from their perspective are pure, untainted, and genuine. A world where they can be anything they want to be, and truly believe they will be.

Just got my Daruma card.
12.47 noon, Malaysian Time
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