Thursday, April 16, 2009

.: Trail of mystification:.

When things became sidetracked …

This morning, as I was walking to work, I looked up to the sky, bewildered at its vastness … figured how little I am … it was then I questioned myself … a question that I had wanted to ask for months ... cringed at the thought alone ... did I make the right choice?

Or should I make another one to make it right again?

Am I moving too fast?

Is the challenge I sought for becoming unbearable?

Should the mind pay more attention to what the heart is saying all along?

Doing the impossible … Thinking of the impossible ... Believing in the impossible ...

Where has all the positive elements gone to?

Am I losing my confidence, my drive, my aim, my principles?

That was when God sent a guy to cut pass me with these words on the back of his t-shirt …

Anything is possible.

As long as you have faith in Him” whispers the mind and the heart in unison …
12.18noon Malaysian Time
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