Monday, April 6, 2009

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Gripped by a fundamental question.

You’d think that staying in a Muslim populous country would be a smooth sailing feat in enriching yourself further in the quest of Islamic knowledge …

Think again ...

  • Not so when you don’t have many practicing Muslim friends *that still lives in Malaysia* to begin with …
  • Trips to Islamic institutions greets you with "Are you a revert?" or “Do you want to convert someone?" or "Why do you have questions?"
  • Unknown people saying “Judging from your dressing, you must be a student from the Islamic University.” *so yeah, that’s a random statement … only happens when I’m in my traditional attire*
  • Just about all of the programs held use Malay as the main medium. *sometimes I have comprehension disabilities… took me 1 bloody week to translate a 4-page government form for my expatriate friend to extend his visa. I am boldly admitting that my Malay proficiency is not on par with the general public.*
  • Some of the programs are held in places that I am unfamiliar with or requires me to cover quite a distance. Currently in the process of sorting it out.
  • Odd, odd looks and speeches coming from random people when you at long last get the appropriate time to attend a halaqah or Islamic talk ... *what's with the casual marriage, family digging talk anyway?*

Life itself is not easy as pie. *coughs* There are perks beneath each tight spot, therefore it is really up to us to bring out the best of things and taking it as one heck of a remarkably worthwhile journey. The abundant existence of other alternatives help tremendously in one's pursuit of knowledge.

The only thing that sort of depresses me is when in the name of goodwill, we advise people on their actions base on the amount of understanding and knowledge we have acquired but the consequence places people to counteract in an aggressive defensive manner even though things are clear enough that it is wrong.

There was a statement … "You start to think people will only take you seriously if you’re over the age of 25 and have a job. "

Sadly, that is not the case.
2.58pm Malaysian Time
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