Tuesday, April 28, 2009

.: Vulnerable basis :.

The untouchable.

The man walks aimlessly amid the throngs of industrious people; nearly knocking against the pillars, tripping over stumps and getting rammed by the middling passerby. Trapped in the darkened world that had become a primal part of his life, didn’t anyone notice the state he is in? The flimsy stick that serves as his pair of eyes …

As luck would have it, people are aware. They see him, yet they do not. Each one, anxiously, patiently, waiting for someone to become the savior to this man.

Why hasn’t someone helped him yet?

We’re all in this together, yet why are we all dying of loneliness?

And a soul emerges from the sea of people, takes the man by his arm, and guides him to his destination.

A duplication of this scenario repeats itself almost every week. People rushing to their destinations that they failed to take into account of their surroundings. The ones that do notice choose to look the other way. The compassion, extending aid to the needy, these simple gestures that take less than a miserable fraction of our 24hours have somehow rather died, withered away, lost in our pursuit for something more imperative than doing a good deed or scoring a brownie point.

Muslim women that witness the scene shake their heads in disappointment on the insensitivity reflected by the Muslim men. In contrast, why had they themselves held back in providing the assistance?

Could it be because the blind person, is a man?
9.40pm Malaysian Time
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