Sunday, January 4, 2009

.: Awake :.

I stand corrected.


I've yet to fall asleep. Probably the caffeine is finally kicking in. Recalled the last time I had some Japanese coffee, it made me sleepless for 3 days. Wonder if Starbucks can overshoot that. Well, the time is not wasted. Up till now, I've managed to complete reading 2 books and drafted some stuff.

Earlier, I met up with a friend and her friend; a guy. He said something about seeing me as a good mother plus a bunch of other stuff. *this came from someone that met me for the 1st time* I find this mentally disturbing. *which may explain the restlessness* As I'll be meeting up with my friend again tomorrow, I'll be cornering her on the kind of stuff that she's been telling people about me, particularly guys that I know nothing of. Need to get this off my system.

Like always, I'll take the cab when I'm supposedly late. *in actual fact, i was 5 hours early ... being stood up is quite a norm, that's why I always have books with me* Told cabbie I'm going to KL Sentral. He inquired whether I'm meeting anyone and the gender. I said, my friend, female. *honestly, I didn't know my friend was going to bring her friend with her* Cabbie started preaching to me on how bad it is to lie and that it's alright to admit I'm meeting up with a guy. I stood my ground by insisting that my friend is a she, only to be followed with further preachings on the sinful act of lying. *what does it take to trust people nowadays? don't people take your word for real anymore?*

Perhaps the lack of sleep is making me cranky. O~hey, it's 7.10am and ermm ... I'm still ... awake? After all that had happened, let's see whether I can get some shut eyes after all.
Also, I might as well throw this in ... how does one force oneself to go to the Land of Nod? Sure have my own ways, still it is great to know the ways of others.

Good morning. :)
7.18am Malaysian Time
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