Thursday, January 8, 2009

.: Honest scrap :.

10 random things about me.

I was tagged by the ever so lovely Miss Ash and Ms. Unique. Both tags had different headings, albeit the mechanism is similar.

a) first list 10 honest things about yourself - and make it interesting, even if you have to dig deep!
b) pass the award on to 7 bloggers that you feel embody the spirit of the Honest Scrap.

Spoilers :: I'll be repetitive and the honest facts are basically FAQs that I've gotten from readers. :P

  1. I'm from Malaysia. Being somewhat specific, I'm residing in Kuala Lumpur. No, I don't live in a jungle.
  2. I have yet to grasp the ways of consuming medicine; tablets, capsules, the likes. Yes, I still bash 'em up. No, it's not cute.
  3. There are no fabrications in my writings. If you correspond with me, there are no fibs either. My rational is, why lie when you can choose not to say about it. Besides, what's the point of making up stories when Allah S.W.T knows everything.
  4. I have done some pretty stupid and crazy stuff. Hajj made me rethink on my actions, thus I'm making amendments as time goes by. As I told a friend, I can be no angel but I'm just trying to make myself a better person.
  5. The only accessory I use is my spectacles. Without it, I'm lost, literally.
  6. I hate heels.
  7. I also hate make-up.
  8. I love food. :)
  9. Friends and family still hold my hand when I want to cross the road.
  10. Figuratively, I'm old. Haha~ Friends and family think I should really act my age. I like to say, I possess the leisure pursuits of an old hag. ^

Passing this to Erin, Hajar, Heryanti, Yoli, Solace, Kakchik, and Empress Anisa.

Anything else, will have to wait.
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