Monday, January 5, 2009

.: The Palestinians :.

Another sleepless day.

Currently in the office having my daily dosage of blogging updates from the lovely sisters that I've come to know over the last few months. Still have 10mins left till work officially starts. It's amazing how I can drag myself to work even with the weariness. *I have a meeting, that must be it*

Went through Empress Anisa's post "Donations For Israel" and was led on to Ange's entry "Boycott Israel". In Facebook, I got to know that one of my cousins is going for the protests in London. *did she throw her heels?* Then there are the donations drive info including the urgency to conduct prayers and du'a for the Palestinians.

Truthfully, I'm not the kind to do any form of protesting or boycotting albeit I am mindful to the fact that these acts do indeed serve its purposes thereby when people refuse to make the purchases, sales revenues go down, therefore these companies will not be able to provide substantial monetary assistance to the Israelites. However, I remain doubtful on the validity along with the reliability of the list.

On the other hand, not because I don't give a damn on what goes on in the world, rather I prefer to say that I'm concerned on the people that actually work for these companies for their livelihood. *in reference to our Muslim brothers and sisters* Hearing the talks on how the economy is affecting them, added with the news of the community boycotting 'their' products, they are petrified with the idea that this may cause possible salary cuts and even retrenchment.

There are many ways of seeing this. One can say that through the boycotts, our voices may be heard, the transgressions may be stopped, that peace and harmony throughout humanity will eventually be restored. Optimistically, that is the ideal conclusion that just about everyone wants. For that reason, I shall have no say on whether it is right or wrong to conduct boycotts.

As a frugal and controlled shopper, I make purchases in 5 out of the massive list of labels mentioned, which if I were to elaborate further is likened to a once in a blue moon occurrence. Of late, I admit that I've been having take-outs from Starbucks and McDonald's for friends primarily because they refuse to let me foot the bill. For now, that's the only way I could think of to reciprocate.

A message from the government :: "Belilah barangan buatan Malaysia." - buy products made in Malaysia. Guess I'll hit these joints then. ^^

Another day at work.
9.00am Malaysian Time


redanna said...

i'll go with "buy local product" too!!

kakchik said...

salam hajar.
i've recently buy friend chicken from Edlee Fried Chicken rather than McD or KFC. And what would I change Milo with? mmmm...


Hajar said...

Redanna :: Siapa mau beli jikalau bukan orangnya sendiri, ye tak? :)

-who's gonna buy it if not your own people, right?-

W'salam Kakchik :: Edlee? Do we have that in KL? I used to drink Milo like 5 times a day back when dad used to make it for me. *yeah, I was spoilt* Nowadays, it's just plain water or tea.


Lisa B said...

Thanks for the link to the list of products/companies to boycott. I didn't know about all of them. A good time to quit my daily intake of kit kats and perrier! Buying local where possible is a good idea.

Yoli said...

My heart has always been with the people of Palestine. I wish there was a peaceful resolution to all of this...

hijabee said...

I think duas will be beneficial. And yes buy local :)

Hajar said...

Lisa :: You're welcome. Actually, you have Ange to thank for. :)

Yoli :: I'm sure all of us feels the same way. The news are becoming heavier by the days. :(

Hijabee :: Spot on. ^^


miss ash said...

nak ganti milo dengan apa ek?

Hajar said...

Ehh ... ermm ... Vico ada lagi ker? Or maybe Cadbury? Aja dah lama tak minum choc drinks. :)